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Hungarian Wines - Tokay and the more obscure...
Hi - join in for a liquid tour d’hungary. From dry reds and whites all the way to world famous Tokay desert wines, all matched to some light snacks. We’ll be a good mix of no-expert to almost experts :-). In any case it’s going to be all about good fun with nice people. 30 Euro participation fee. Please sign up only if you really plan on coming - no optional signing up. No-shows will get kicked out of the group. Cheers!

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    The Hague Wine Tasting Club gives enthusiasts in the Hague the opportunity to sample a range of wines, to share a great wine, to exchange stories and to make culinary discoveries, too. We learn, we exchange, we brag, we discover,... Besides tastings, we do tours into German wine Regions (http://www.bottlestops.com) organised under http://www.bottlestops.com

    Tastings with the Club don't come in beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels. It's all levels or none. You may find though that some meetings might fit your tastes more than others. Sometimes we'll be with traditional wines, sometimes we'll follow the latest trends.

    Most importantly: Please do make suggestions for tasting flights or culinary themes for our meetups.