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Hi startups / entrepreneurs! You are on top of your game but do you know all the legal ins & outs of regulatory matters, data protection, raising funding and granting shares to employees? Do you have the right licence for your business? Are you protecting your data in accordance with the laws? What are the options to reward your team members? This is your opportunity to get all the expert information you need! On Friday June 9th 15:30h Ligo and leading law firm Loyens & Loeff will join hands to give you insight into these legal matters that are so important for your business. Special attention will go to Fintech startups and all the legal pitfalls they encounter on their way to the top. Also, the team of experts will elaborate on the options for employee participations and provide you with tips & tricks you do not want to miss! After the presentation Loyens & Loeff’s top lawyers will be there for one-on-one sessions to answer all your personal questions and give free legal advice. Loyens & Loeff has extensive experience with innovative Fintech startups and financial institutions and has been in the startup game from the very start. There will be employment, corporate and Fintech experts available to help you in every way possible to make sure your startup is in perfect legal condition. All of this will be in an informal setting with an open bar @ B-Amsterdam! It is therefore also a great opportunity to get in contact with other (Fintech) startups and share your experiences. You definitely will not leave empty-handed! If you are interested in participating, please sign in here (link) or send an e-mail to info@ligo.nl Happy entrepreneuring!

Ligo & Loyens & Loeff