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Have you ever wondered what this meditation talk is all about? Or did you learn meditation a while ago but never quite managed to continue to practise? Or are you already meditating but feel like you could benefit from a bit more clarity and answers to your questions? If so, then this 4-week course would be perfect for you. Through the 4-weeks you will: —learn the most important principles of meditation —understand what meditation is, and more importantly what it is not —deepen your understanding of meditation through practice and discussion —be given simple but effective ways to continue the practice at home As well as the 4, one and a quarter hour evening sessions, the programme is supported at home with an easy to use app, providing daily high quality meditation practices. About your trainer Steve is an experienced teacher of meditation and compassion practice. He has been practising meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for over 15 years and has studied with some of the world's most respected meditation teachers. He believes passionately in the relevance of this practice to our busy modern lives and is able to present the essence of the practice of meditation in a very simple, relatable and enjoyable way. To book your place please visit https://www.homeinamsterdam.space/events/26/6/2018/learn-to-meditate

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Ranging from stress reduction through mindfulness at work, to the improvement of emotional resilience through self-compassion.

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