Wat we doen

The Mavericks are the butt-kicking business side of Knowmads business school. Are you starting your own business? Or do you have an existing business that you feel has real potential? Enlist the guidance of Knowmads very own business teacher A-team and network. The Mavericks host regular open introduction days at Knowmads business school. For a small fee (20,- p.p) anybody with an interest in business can join these (full day) sessions and get to experience a full day with our three business sages.

Each open day starts with an on-demand masterclass concerning one or two general business themes ( Students and participants have the option to express their specific interests a few days before the event and also at the start of each class ,for those who decided to join last minute). This usually goes on till lunch.

After lunch there is a business Q&A and then the Mavericks will work individually with the various groups and individuals in the class.

The last part of the day is implementation. The Mavericks will inspire you to implement at least one thing you learned right away! The best implementer is chosen by random applause and the winner gets an extra hour of personal coaching with one the the Mavericks.