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The Software Meetup: Amsterdam
The Software Meetup: Amsterdam
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Technology is not important if you cannot transform it into profit. The latest tech gimmicks are fine, but as the tech manager you always need to know the answer to one question: is it good for your business?

And it’s especially true when it comes to software architecture.

Any rash decisions made here can turn out super costly. On the other hand, proper software architecture is crucial if you’re thinking about a scalable software product. That’s why we’ve invited tech leaders who cut their teeth on designing software architecture to share their thoughts and experience with you.

During the meetup you’ll find out:
– if microservice architecture is good for your product or is it better to stick to the good ol’ monolith
– why is everybody talking about IaC, Websockets, GraphQL, and is there any true value behind this whole talking
– what’s in vogue when it comes to frontend development (SSR, PWA, Micro Frontends)

After the talks and Q&A sessions, there’ll be enough time for some quality networking and drinks.

Extra: For the last 2 months we’ve surveyed over 600 Tech Managers experienced in building microservices. During the meetup we’ll present to you the fresh State of Microservices 2020 report.

Full schedule:
18:30 – Doors open
18:45 – A few words from The Software House about the global shift in software development
19:10 – Is the era of monolith applications over? A guide to backend architectures in[masked]:40 – State of Microservices 2020: key findings from the global research
20:10 – Short break
20:30 – Software architecture challenges: Frontend explained
21:00 – Tech networking & drinks

Who’s behind it all:
The Software House, a European software development company with the strong presence in Poland, UK, and the Netherlands. The developers standing behind the success of WieBetaaltWat, the most popular bill-splitting app in the NL.

– Marek Gajda: CTO at The Software House – one the fastest growing software companies in Europe, awarded by Deloitte and placed on a prestigious Financial Times 1000 ranking. He is managing a team of more than 100 developers, building bridges between technology and business.
– Adam Polak: Devoted full-stack developer with over 12 years of experience. He built Node.js team at The Software House from scratch. Now, he is the head of the development team of 20 people.
– Andrzej Wysoczański: Experienced Senior Frontend Developer at The Software House. He is familiar with JavaScript since the very first versions of jQuery. A big fan of React.

See you there!