Wat we doen

Thinking into Happiness brings together Mindset&Wellness Training to EMPOWER you to effectively improve the quality of YOUR life. JOIN if you are looking to create more Well-Being, Abundance, and Happiness for yourself and others.

Most people tend to activate feelings based on their life history. The feelings then control our behavior, so the future keeps repeating itself just like the past.

Not without a reason people say 'we become what we think about'. If you want to change your life (relationships, income, career, health) you need to change your thinking! Thinking into Happiness aims to provide workshops/events/talks/programs where you will learn:

• How your thoughts impact on your behavior • How emotions affect your well-being • How to use your mind, positive affirmations and aromas to empower yourself to take control of your thoughts and emotions • Improve happiness, confidence, and effectiveness in any area of your life

The workshops will be based on work of personal development teachers like Bob Proctor, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins, and Abraham Hicks. Also looking at positive affirmations and the law of attraction theories.

Essential Oils used in the workshops are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and relevant resources about Emotions and Essential Oils will be provided.

Want to improve the quality of your life? Start with Thinking into Happiness!