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PRIVATE Photography Workshop. 2 Sessions. 3 Hours Each. €400
*****Available all year round. ANY DATES******** Please email about times/dates Workshop for 1 person (or 1 person plus a friend or own private group) We can cover all these kinds of photography or focus on just 1 or 2: I'll help you Discover which kinds of photography you may be best suited to. I share new ways of looking at composition, leading lines and tips and techniques that make everything a lot faster and easier. 1 person €400 for 2 sessions, each lasting 3 hours. Extra people - €85 per person each. 1 Non photographer friend/faimily are welcome to come along free of charge. Urban Photography, Travel Photography, Portraits, Couples/Engagement, People and how to approach them, Street Photography, Children, City and Landscapes, Detail and Macro, and Night Photography. How is a private workshop different from the group workshops? -- I quickly identify the exact new skills that you need to get to the next level in photography, then I show you exactly what you need to do. -- At the end of each session we look at the photo's you've just taken and I offer my tips how you can do it better next time -- You have the option to edit the photos with me at the end of the session to learn some tips on how to give them the professional look -- Private sessions are very flexible and we can schedule them in for many different times and dates compared to a group sessions which is preplanned. It's really cool to do private sessions :-) It's chilled out, relaxed and you get to discover loads of new skills this way. This is because of the freedom to steer the session in exactly whatever direction feels right at the time. My goal is to take you from what ever level you are currently at and give you a massive boost and introduce you to new concepts and skills. I will inspire you to take different kinds of photos, and you will begin to look at your images with a new (photographers) eye. And my names Tim Collins. There's always something going on in the facebook page too facebook.com/AmsterdamPhotoSafari If you have any questions or comments you can get in touch via meetup, the facebook page, or my website timcollins.nl Click the "About Us" button on the left near the top for more info about me and how I approach the workshops! Or send me a message to [masked] See you soon Tim

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My names Tim Collins and I’m a commercial photographer specialising in Subcultures, Lifestyle, Denim and Menswear.

I also shoot landscapes, urban and portraits for fun along the way.

I REALLY love teaching people how to take awesome pictures. I could talk about photography all day, if you let me! I get a massive kick to see people with results that make them feel proud.

My workshops are upbeat and modern, and concentrate on themes such as Urban, Travel, People and Night photography.

The workshops are designed with 2 things in mind:

1 - you enjoying yourself. After all its Meetup right - not a science lecture!

2 - you massively improving your photography skills and getting a feeling of pride when you look at your photographs :-)

Small groups 6-8 people, or private group sessions.

You can check out the facebook page, and see what's going on at Amsterdam Photo Safari today, the website http://www.amsterdamphotosafari.com or on the main site at www.timcollins.nl (http://timcollins.nl/workshops/)


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