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Tech Circus is a networking and educational events company specialising in User Experience, Product and Design. Founded in 2015, our flagship event 'The UX Crunch' has quickly grown to become one of Europe's leading UX events.

We host a range of monthly events in collaboration with leading companies in the UK and Europe to deliver key insights and take-homes about a variety of topics and areas within user experience, product and design. Our events are strictly learning and education focused with no hidden agendas or sales pitches involved!

Following the success of our events in both London and Manchester, we are excited to bring the event to the wonderful city of Amsterdam!

For more information, visit: https://techcircus.io/past_events/ux-crunch-amsterdam/

To see our lineup of current ONLINE UX Crunch events, visit: https://techcircus.io/future-events/?_sft_category=online-events

Above is the information regarding the physical UX Crunch meetup. Currently we are hosting all of our UX Crunch events ONLINE via the platform www.techcircustv.com (http://www.techcircustv.com/)

Find out more information on Tech Circus TV by visiting this website. (http://www.techcircustv.com/)

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Twitter: @TechCircus_





Check out our new online , virtual conferences: The BAD Conference & the eCommerce Design Summit!

The BAD (Behaviour & Design) Conference is a full day of live-streamed talks on UX Psychology: https://thebadconference.com

The eCommerce Design Summit is a full day of live-streamed talks on UX in Digital Commerce across Retail, Travel & Leisure: https://ecommercedesignsummit.com/london

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UX Crunch at Home: Data & Design

Online evenement

UX Designers aim to understand how people use a feature, what motivates them to use it, and how they felt. Data, on the other hand, talks more broadly about trends and focuses less on any individual user's needs. Whilst it may not tell us what a problem is for the user, however, or how to solve it, it can help us (as designers) to expose problems and evaluate the effectiveness of our solutions. In this event, we will be discussing how marrying qualitative insights from your user research with other quantitative data-sets, is the most potent method for evaluating problems from more angles. By aligning the two, we can create moving, powerful experiences which are aligned with our user's behaviours, whilst delivering measurable outcomes for our stakeholders! Join us for virtual learning, networking and more! Featuring: Jake Thompson - User Experience Designer - Beeline Haley Rohl - Product Designer - Pitchbook Data Dania Shah - Lead UX Researcher - (ex) Sky Head over to www.techcircustv.com to register for this event

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UX Crunch at Home: Designing for Health

Online evenement