• UX Crunch Amsterdam: Inclusive Design

    TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2FG3ra9 For both moral and legal reasons, inclusive design has always been a necessary part of a design to allow a product to reach its full potential. The UN estimates that more than 1 billion people around the world live with some form of disability and as populations age over the coming years, this number is set to rise. With the current political and social landscape rapidly changing, it has never been more important to consider accessibility and inclusiveness. Join us as we sit down for another fantastic evening of theoretical insight, case studies, discussions... Featuring; Raisa Cuevas - User Experience Specialist - Google Tom van Beveren - UX Consultant & Founder - We are Colorblind Stella Dou - UX designer & Product Manager - Booking.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2FG3ra9 Price includes entry to the event, plus drinks (Beers, Wines, Soft Drinks) and Pizza. Tickets are non refundable. ----------------------------------------------------------------- OUR PARTNERS UX Design Institute The UX Design Institute is the global leader in UX education and certification, offering the word's only fully online, university accredited diploma in UX design. Our mission is to offer a world-class education to the next generation of UX professionals and leaders. UX design plays a vital role in harnessing and shaping the power of ever-evolving technology. Our courses will shape the great designers of the future to better serve individuals, businesses and society. ----------------------------------------------------------------- TALKS & DISCUSSIONS Raisa Cuevas - User Experience Specialist - Google Having built far-reaching websites at Google Brand Studio, Raisa understands the challenges of building performant and user-friendly sites. Now, she helps Google's Dutch advertisers achieve this level of UX and performance. She takes pride in challenging big companies to consider the wide spectrum of users on the web, regardless of age, ability, or internet connection. In her talk, Raisa will share researched-backed recommendations to make your site more accessible to everyone. With 5 practical tips and some best-in-class examples, she will show that accessibility is both approachable and valuable for your company. Tom van Beveren - UX Consultant & Founder - We are Colorblind Tom van Beveren - UX Consultant & Founder - We are Colorblind Tom has worked as UX designer for 10 years and is also the founder of We are Colorblind. Their mission... to make the world a better place for the colorblind. Tom is colorblind himself (deuteranopia), and as a result, has always had a strong focus on holistic and inclusive design. Thankfully, designing for the colorblind doesn’t have to be difficult. In this talk, Tom explains how color blindness works, gives examples of what does and doesn't work for the colorblind and shows how designing with the colorblind in mind will also improve your design for everyone. Stella Dou - UX designer & Product Manager - Booking.com Stella has design experience covering a variety of industries including education technology, digital media, travel and mobility in the UK, EU and Asia Pacific markets. She works on B2B products and platforms of home rentals at Booking.com. She focuses on driving strategy from research, early concept to shaping products and delivering the best experience for Booking partners. In this talk, Stella will present the great efforts Booking.com put into their products and production community on accessibility. By using various research and design methods, teams can experience how different users navigate and interact with products to make them as inclusive as possible.