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Welcome to the launch event of UX Crunch: Amsterdam.

Tech Circus is a networking and educational events company specialising in User Experience, Product and Design. Founded in 2015, our flagship event 'The UX Crunch' has quickly grown to become one of Europe's leading UX events.

Following the success of our events in both London and Manchester, we are excited to bring the event to the wonderful city of Amsterdam!

This is the first of our monthly events. Each event will feature three talks all focusing on an area of UX and will explore the theoretical underpinnings of a topic, discuss case studies and insights and conclude with key points for you to implement into your own design practice, as well as plenty of pizza and drinks.


Daniel Sanchez - UX Designer - Booking.com

Sander Crombach - UX Designer & Digital Strategist - Sander Crombach (T-Mobile, Zalando SE)

Anca Luca - UX/UI Designer - EVBox

TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2CZxCrl

Price includes entry to the event, plus drinks and Pizza. Tickets are non-refundable as we have to purchase the correct amount of drink and pizza.


6.00pm - 6.20pm: Drinks and Networking
6.20pm - 7.20pm: Talk 1 & Talk[masked]pm - 7.45pm: Drinks and Networking
7.45pm - 8.30pm: Talk 3 and Q&A Panel
8.30pm: Leave venue & head to a local bar for continued networking


Daniel Sanchez - Senior Product Designer

Daniel is a Colombian designer who is currently part of the design team at Booking.com. With a decade-long career that spans 4 continents, he is an expert in product design and new product development. Daniel's passion lays in the opportunity to make someone's life a little easier and brighter through creativity and applied design thinking.

How are great ideas born? Why do some succeed while others fail? What makes people love your ideas? This talk will be exploring the answers to these questions and that the secret behind successful and loved products and services is empathy. This talk will explore the power of empathy, it's influence over the conception, execution and continuity of products, and how you as a designer might wield this powerful tool to create meaningful experiences.

Sander Crombach - UX Designer & Digital Strategist

Sander is a Senior UX / CX / Product Designer and Digital Strategist, designing user-centric, smart and easy to use digital products & design systems with a focus on human experience. He helps companies digitally transform while consulting and facilitating trainings and workshops and worked for many leading brands, including Zalando, Commune Hotels & Resorts, T-Mobile, University of Amsterdam, Yamaha, Eye Film Institute and many more.

Emotion-driven usability testing; testing a prototype for T-Mobile based on neurofeedback - This talk will show how a sales funnel prototype he designed for T-Mobile was tested with a neurofeedback usability test, what the results were of this test and how he applied the learnings in his final design. Which elements cause frustration, attention, and joy among the customers?

Anca Luca - UX/UI Designer

Anca is a multilingual UX Designer currently working on the software solution that helps EVBox customers manage their charging infrastructure. Working in the Electric Vehicle industry as a UX Designer is a great opportunity, but comes with a lot of responsibility—you are the ones responsible for shaping the way the charging solutions will be tomorrow.

The talk will explore design thinking methodology, the importance of design culture and the way you can implement it in your daily work life so that you and your team can enhance innovation and create value for your company.

Tickets: http://bit.ly/2CZxCrl