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Writing Feedback
This is our monthly meeting where we critique each other’s work. Before the meeting, people submit their works, and everyone else reads and evaluates them. Then we present our constructive feedback to each other during the meeting. Anyone can submit, but you don't have to submit in order to attend. How to submit - We accept pieces of up to 2000 words. - Include a short introduction that explains what type of work you're submitting, and includes any background information the reader should know. - To submit, email your piece to me ( [masked] ) at least a week before the meeting. Feedback guidelines - A week before the meeting, I will send all attendees a link to a Google Drive folder containing all the submissions. - Read the stories and prepare your feedback beforehand, so that you can easily present it during the meeting. - If you have any written notes containing your feedback, it would be useful to give these to the submitter at the end of the meeting, either in person or by putting it into the Google Drive folder.

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    This creative writing group is all about giving and receiving constructive feedback on each other's work. We meet every month to discuss the submitted pieces. Writers of all types can join, and you can feel free to submit your own writing even during your first attendance.