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Want to build your startup? Meet UtrechtInc
Official registration through UtrechtInc website: https://www.utrechtinc.nl/en/events/ UtrechtInc supports entrepreneurs and scientists to start successful companies based on research or an innovative idea. Are you looking for financing, office space, other entrepreneurs, customers or advice? Curious what UtrechtInc offers? Come and meet us on Thursday, every month! At 4:30PM we kick off with an explanation of our startup support, and what you can expect from the startup programs. Within the 4 month Pressure Cooker program for instance you work towards a scalable business model, paying customers, building you team and a working product or prototype. In the early stage program Get Started you'll investigate the feasibility of your business idea, but also make a plan of attack for product development, finding potential customers and co-founders. After the info session, we've arranged networking drinks with the startups already working at UtrechtInc. Want to get a taste of the day-to-day atmosphere? Come early and work in our co-working space the Garage amongst other startups. Register for Meet UtrechtInc and Just check in at the reception anytime after 9:30AM.


Padualaan 8 · Utrecht