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concert at the concertgebouw: Dream with me
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Cora Burggraaf will sing songs among others by Brahms and Chopin. If you're interested in joining me then please call me at[masked]. I look forward to hearing from you. Fabian


Concertgebouwplein 2/6 · Àmsterdam

Wat we doen

Don't want to go to concerts alone? Then this group might be for you.

Group is to open to all music fans. All kinds of music, pop, metal, rock, classical, jazz, house, dance. Any kind of event is welcome at any venue, from a small band playing at your local pub, DB's, Tivoli, Vredenburg, Ekko to (inter)national music festivals. This will be a community-driven group, i.e. every member can add & host events.

How does it work?

1. Buy your own tickets for the show if applicable.

2. Suggest the event in the group and it will be automatically posted.

3. Meet before the show for drinks.

4. Go to the show together and enjoy.

5. Optionally have some more drinks after the show.

- Group will be moderated in the beginning and unrelated events will be removed.

- Please don't use this group for (re-)selling of tickets.)

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