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February Vegan Ladyboss Meeting

Hello Ladies,

Our First Vegan Ladyboss meeting will be Monday, February 25th! Here's the info:

When: Monday, February 25, at 7:00 - 9:30 pm

Where: MediaMatic, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam (due to construction, give yourself five more minutes to work out your frustrations to find it!) Thanks in advance to them for making this possible.

**CAPACITY LIMIT: Please note, that admittance will only be provided to the first 40 guests who RSVP**

What: You're in for an evening of connecting and discussion to up our animal advocacy & professional development. Vegan Ladyboss is for vegan women, and no, you don't actually have to be the boss of other people. You're the boss of YOUR LIFE, lady!

Please Bring: Food or bev! It's potluck style. I'm supplying delicious homemade pizza from their venue. Homemade food is welcome! If the food you bring requires plates, utensils or cups, please bring them too, or coordinate with another VLB to share the load. If you have a personal portable utensil set & reusable napkin, please bring that so we can cut down on waste!

Discussion Topic: Fostering a welcoming vegan community.
Let's talk about strategies and insights on how we can each do our part to attract people to a more compassionate way of life by either going vegan or making more vegan choices.
How do we stay focused on what works even when we're angry, sad and frustrated?
And, what does work?

We Need You: To assist with #VLB set-up + clean-up! Because we are committed to keeping the event free for everyone, we always need some extra woman-power. Reply to this email if you can help out 15 minutes before and/or after the meeting.

Want to bring a friend? Love it. If you have a friend or two in mind who are vegan women, feel free to share the event details so they can join. Currently the Vegan Ladyboss Facebook group is private just for members; however, if you would like to add friends, please do!

Please be... On time. 'Nuff said. For those of you who have asked: Better to come late than not at all!

RSVP via this MeetUp App; I will add you to the waitlist when the 40 max has been reached.

sincerely, Ann Korijn-v.d.Borgh

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