Wat we doen

Discover the municipality of Oss by walking around in the region. You don't need to be really fit but do expect walks around 10km or more.

Why do I write everything in English?
Although this group might have a local character, Meetup.com does not. I embrace both the local and the cosmopolitan spirit and English is perfect for this.

"I know a good route"!
That's great! If you think you can guide a group of people through nature without getting lost, be my guest! I like to have some co-organisers!

I don't have a car
Ask on the forum of the meetup if somebody can pick you up. I will pick you up whenever I can. But don't be late at the meeting point!
Oss has 2 train stations. These and most other stations have self-service rental bicycles. So if you're not afraid to travel a bit by bicycle that might also be an option.

Vorige evenementen (3)

Oijen - Hemelrijkse Waard - Oijen

Ingang / Parkeerplaats Hemelrijkse waard

Walking in the Maashorst +- 17km

Parking Camping De Maashorst

Ravenstein - Batenburg - Ravenstein - 13KM

Station Ravenstein (zuidzijde)