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How the mind works? Find out - Free Seminar
A concept-by-concept presentation of the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, this film constitutes a visual guide to the human mind. Containing all the discoveries and procedures laid out step-by-step for total understanding, it allows you to immediately start applying the technology of Dianetics. This meetup is not only a visual guide to the human mind, but it includes the principles and procedures used by millions world over to attain a state dreamed of by Man throughout the ages—a state known as Clear. The meetup is done in our highly advanced cinema - and after that every person can can fill out a questionnaire about the quality of the presentation. The seminar is free - and it's done to improve and help a person to be more productive and more efficient in life.

Scientology Life Improvement Center

Wibautstraat 112 · Amsterdam

Wat we doen

It's in the news.
It's talked about on radio and TV.
It's growing at an incredible rate.
And it's got the answers.

For anyone who is curious, join this meetup and find out:

-How Scientology helps people in the here and now.
-What the State of Clear is and what it means to you.
-What Total Freedom means and how Scientologists achieve it.
-Why Scientologists know they have lived before.
-What the E-Meter is and how it works.
-Who L. Ron Hubbard is and why Scientologists consider him their best friend.
-Why Scientology is not only a religion but a religion for people of all religions including those that are not religiously inclined.
-What kind of people are Scientologists?
-How Scientology began.
-What Scientology auditing is and the miracles it achieves.
-Who has been attacking Scientology and exactly why.

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Scientology is the study of knowledge. It's knowing yourself.... It's the study of Truth. It's a new kind of religion. Not just something you believe in, but something you Do. It's practical solutions to real life problems.

Scientology has no conflict with anyone's own faith.

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