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Welcome! This group is all about supporting our hormones and menstrual cycles naturally. Today, women are facing out of whack hormones like never before. Hormone imbalance can look like, PMS, foggy brain, cramps, PCOS, fatigue, endometriosis, moodiness, etc.

In this group we have all sorts of educational meetups, talks and events related to women's health to discuss how we can take our health back into our own hands, and be equipped with natural solutions.

Looking forward to meeting!

We also have an educational facebook group if you are interested in continuing to grow your knowledge https://www.facebook.com/groups/389675295039736/ .

About the organizer:

Hana Ilg teaches natural solutions for healthy reproductive cycles and hormones, as well as the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) of natural birth control or conception. She personally used FAM to avoid pregnancy naturally for 7 years and most recently used it to help her achieve pregnancy.

When she became aware of the many everyday chemical toxins in our lives that wreak havoc on our hormones, she knew she needed to spread the word. Now she helps other women by teaching them how to reduce toxins in their life. For more information check out http://hanawellness.co/ (http://hanawellness.co/?fbclid=IwAR23ZaZBVpUNBcJrWwa4lGdHLBxHg4pKz3NxDqyPuKmtFDT3SxydyBgJQOc)

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