1st meetup ARNHEM ever!

WordPress Meetup Arnhem
WordPress Meetup Arnhem
Openbare groep

Locatie Spatie

Hisveltplein 21 · Arnhem

Hoe vind je ons

LOCATIE SPATIE is within a 15 min walk from train station Arnhem Presikhaaf

Locatieafbeelding van evenementslocatie

Wat we doen

Feel welcome at the very first WordPress meetup Arnhem ever!

Because it’s the first meetup, we’ll begin with a Meet & Greet. Who are the Arnhem-based WordPress users? Let’s get to know each other!

At our guest location, Locatie Spatie we will have dinner together. Please bring €5,– for this (cash) and some more change if you want to have something else then coffee or tea (free). Participation is free of course.

After dinner we’ll shortly discuss WordPress Gutenberg: what is it? And what is going to change?


18:00 Introduction by Sido Dekker
18:15 Meet & greet
18:45 Dinner
19:30 WordPress Gutenberg

Participation: FREE
Coffee & Tea: FREE
Drinks: € 1 - € 1,50 (cash)
Dinner: € 5,– (cash)

By car:
You can park your car for free in the whole neighbourhood.

By bus:
Take bus 5 to 'Presikhaaf' and go out at 'Keulse Slag';
Or bus 331 to 'Velp Zuid' and get out at 'IJssellaan/HAN';
Or bus 26 to 'Dieren Station' and get out at 'Keulse Slag'.

From station Presikhaaf it's a 20 minute walk to Hisveltplein 21.