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A Seat at the Table: Women in Tech

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With just under 40% of our employees made up by women, gender parity is something we are striving for at Usabilla. That’s why we wanted to kick off our Seat at the Table initiative with an event that honors both International Women’s Day and women in tech.

We want to empower women to aim high, smash their goals, and make an impact on the digital world. So, we’ve invited equality advocate, Michelle Gyimah (@EqualityPays) to share her practical insights for tackling the hidden barriers and low retention rates we so often see for women in tech.

Join us for an evening of insightful discussions with like-minded people, as we come together to champion diversity and make sure there’s a seat for everybody at the table.


18:00 Walk-in & welcome
18:30 Complimentary food & drinks
19:00 Short introduction by Usabilla employees, Pauline Vos & Angele Geraud
19:30 Michelle Gyimah: Diversity in Tech - why it's a marathon, not a sprint
20:15 Open discussion
20:30 Continue the drinks & discussions
22:00 Doors close

P.S. all genders welcome!