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Are you new to town? On vacation? Looking to meet new friends? Interested in discovering local events? Adventure Belfast is a group of adults 18 to 39 from all walks of life in Northern Ireland (primarily Belfast) that all share a passion for socializing. We are free to join, and there's absolutely no commitment! We are not a business, organization, corporation. We are a personal-interest hobby project run by Josh Hoggan. There is absolutely no fee for using our web site, and no revenue is generated through Adventure Belfast whatsoever.

Adventure Belfast was designed to cater to everyone who has ever felt a need to branch out and make new connections. We are an all-inclusive and healthy social activity group. It is no secret that developing a social group or finding a new circle is challenging at best, especially when moving to a new city.

So, whether you've just moved to town, are recently separated, or just looking for a change, our group is welcoming to all! There is no fee for joining, and absolutely no commitment. Every member is encouraged to contribute in some way, even if that means simply commenting on posts or sharing news of local events in town.

============= RULES =============

Conduct in the group should be parallel to the behaviour expected at an office party. Casual interactions but in a polite and respectful manner.


Our main focus is PLATONIC, mature, friendships. Dating amongst members is permitted, but cease advances immediately if it has been communicated the other party is not interested.


We are strictly 18 through 39. ID may be required for proof of age at certain events. Older than this range? Contact our page for an alternative.


No self-promotion for financial gain. If you have a business you would like to share, offer a freebie that benefits our group and clear it with the admins prior to posting.


Alcohol posts are OK permitting they are a sub-note and do not centralize around that activity. Absolutely no drug related posts, or posts revolving around getting blitzed.


We are not religiously affiliated, and welcome all beliefs equally. We also occasionally partner with local businesses to bring some awesome offers to our group. These may be commercial in nature.


Gossip and bullying of others any kind will not be tolerated. Help stop member conversations that take a turn in this direction. Posts which foster negativity will be removed. Let's keep this positive


Are you recovering from substance abuse or have a checkered past? We fully support getting clean and starting fresh with a new life. For our safety and serenity, please only join once 6 months clean.


Everyone gets a clean slate when joining. We have a 3 strike policy. Multiple complaints for inappropriate or harassing behaviour will result in removal. Changed your ways? Ask to rejoin in 1 year.


The internet is a public place, and by using our web site or participating with our group in any way, you agree that the information you provide to us, or the photos or videos taken of you by us or our members, may be freely, indefinitely, and irrevocably used by us on this web site, social media platforms, and other media to help raise awareness about our group

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Andrei’s Haunted Halloween House of Horror

Heeft een locatie nodig

Avoid the downtown mayhem and join Adventure Belfast for a Halloween party! Invite open to all of our peers 18 to 39. We have lots of other events before Halloween if you’re keen on coming to meet us first! This is a strictly 18 plus event in East Belfast held at Andrei's private residence. Bring ID if you look under 25! There is a 30 person guest limit so please RSVP well in advance. Snacks provided but please BYOB! No overnight guests, so please arrange a sober ride home. We wrap up promptly at 2am no exceptions! Contact our page for the exact address and parking instructions. Andrei Florea can be contacted at [masked] or ‭[masked]‬.

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Botanic Gardens