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Foodies, amateur and professional cooks, and anyone who enjoys rising to the occasion to cook and share it with others. We're foodies who gather without pretence to simply share good food, drink good wine, and make friends with like-minded people. We're not cliquey, Many close friendships have been made at past meetups, we love meeting new people, it's what this whole thing is about!

Some past themes: Sunday roast, breakfast favorites, street food, Queen's Day... The theme is there to inspire you to challenge yourself, feel free to interpret it as you wish. We do this just for the fun of it.

Here's how it works:

We schedule an event with a theme. You bring a dish inspired by that theme, enough to share with about 8-10 people. Everyone brings a dish, no one comes empty-handed (couples can bring one dish between them, that's fine). Your dish should arrive already prepared. But if you need to reheated, do some light assembly, or a final last-minute touch is required or whatever we have a nice kitchen you can use for that.

Bring something to drink: wine, Prosecco, bottled water, whatever you want to drink. We'll provide plates, cups, utensils, serving stuff, clean-up and all the rest.

The food will be served in courses: appetizers, mains, then desserts. Each course begins with each cook describing their dish and what about the theme inspired them to make that particular dish.

After each event we ask everyone to post their recipes so they can be shared with the group, and we'll try to get photos of all the dishes shared.

(Amsterdam Cooking Club meetup group is the new name for the popular Ghetto-gethers meetup group started by Lauren Becker & friends. We're keeping it pretty much the same.)

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