Setting Up Your First WooCommerce Membership Program

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Capital Factory

701 Brazos Street · Austin

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THIS MONTH ONLY -The WPATX eCommerce meetup will be on the 1st floor in the Devvie (formerly known as Mobility X) room.

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Due to Startup Week later in the month, we will be hosting the eCommerce Meetup during this time slot. Normal schedules will resume in October.

Toyin Akinmusuru will open our session with a discussion about the various ‘shades’ WooCommerce Membership sites. Your site could offer access to classes or specialized videos, you could offer certain customers special ‘membership’ perks or your WooCommerce site may be set up to send members a package of curated products every month.

WooCommerce is a great fit for many of these types of membership sites since you can sell access to WooCommerce products in your store; use one-time or recurring billing; restrict access to blog posts, custom content, products, or discounts; and sell access to individuals or groups of members. Toyin will demonstrate how to build a Members-Only WooCommerce Purchasing Club and discuss the benefits of recurring revenue business model.

WooCommerce Session Format

Refreshments & Networking — Liquid Web is our 2019 Refreshment Sponsor for our ‘Meet and Greet’
Theory — Each month we will examine a different aspect of building and maintaining an eCommerce site.
Practice — Each month we will demonstrate/discuss the best applications for the tool or process described in the “Theory” section
Q & A — The session will close with member questions

It is our goal that the new structure will help our members not only to learn more about the awesome power and flexibility WooCommerce but also support building more personal and professional relationships within the Austin WordPress eCommerce community.

Thank you to Liquid Web and Capital Factory for sponsoring event space in 2019 for WordPress Austin. Capital Factory is the center of gravity for
entrepreneurs in Texas. They meet the best entrepreneurs in Texas
and introduce them to their first investors, employees, mentors, and
customers. For more information, visit their website: