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Happy Halloween and or Alfablót at Walhalla!
For the best Halloween and or Alfablót you'll need to go to Walhalla... On October 26 head north and try one of the best breweries in Amsterdam. Come dressed as Loki and get a special surprise from Walhalla! The nearby Jumbo Foodmarkt has great fresh pizzas if you'd like to eat before the Loki starts flowing...


Spijkerkade 10 · Amsterdam

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The Amsterdam BeerUp Meetup Group is a non-profit beer club that meets in and around Amsterdam to consume quality alcoholic beverages. We strive to find the best pubs around and share our discoveries. If you're ready to assist in our noble mission, join us for a drink. Anyone fun and respectful is welcome. No need to reserve or cancel. This is not a party, it's a lifestyle.

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