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Understanding Akka Cluster Through Raspberry-Pi Cluster Visualisation
Hi everyone, In December we have a very interesting workshop coming up, where you can get hands-on experience with a real Akka cluster and experience first-hand how it works and what it means if things go wrong in the cluster (network failure, power outage, etc.). See below for further details. IMPORTANT: Because of the limited number of spots: please only register if you're sure that you can attend and if you cannot make it, unregister as soon as possible so that we can have all spots filled. It would be a waste if there are spots left that other people would like to occupy in this great workshop. Groets, Joost and Hugo. --- What we'll do: In this hands-on workshop, we use a simple yet powerful visualization of a 5-node, Raspberry Pi-based cluster to reveal the inner workings of Akka Cluster. We'll observe and explore: - basic Akka cluster formation - different failure scenarios such as network partitioning and node failure - the occurrence of the so-called Split Brain Syndrome - Akka Split Brain Resolver strategies - run a clustered app on the platform What to bring: A Laptop that can both connect to the local Wifi network -and- a physical ethernet network TP-Hub. So don’t forget to bring a dongle (if needed) to connect your laptop ! About Eric: Eric's a Scala & Akka champion and a global course instructor for Lightbend. Eric began programming in various machine languages some odd 35 years ago, subsequently passing via C and Java to Scala and Akka. Eric's glad with the coming of age of Reactive Systems and enjoys helping others learn to build them.

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