Ode aan de Code #10 | Met Michelangelo van Dam over "DevOps or DevSecOps"

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Ode aan de Code | Michelangelo van Dam over "DevOps or DevSecOps"
Why do we need to focus on security in development and operations?

In 2009 Patrick Dubois coined the term "DevOps" when he organised the first "DevOpsDays" In Ghent, Belgium. Since then the term has become a term to explain the collaboration between all organisational stakeholders in IT projects (developers, operations, QA, marketing, security, legal, …) to deliver high quality, reliable solutions where issues are tackled early on in the value stream.

But reality shows that many businesses that implement "DevOps" are actually talking about a collaboration between development, QA and operations (DQO). Solutions are being provided but lack the security and/or legal regulations causing hard-to-fix problems in production environments.

In this talk Michelangelo van Dam will explain how the original idea of Patrick to include all stakeholders got reduced to development, QA and operations and why it's so difficult to apply security or compliance improvements in this model. He will also talk about ways to make the DQO model welcoming for security experts and legal teams and why "DevSecOps" is now the term to be used to ensure security is no longer omitted from the value process.

Finally we'll have a vote if we keep the term "DevOps" as an all-inclusive representation for all stakeholders or if we need to start using "DevSecOps" to ensure the business understands can no longer ignore the importance of security.

18.30 - Doors open with food (more info soon)
19.15 - Welcome by DIJ
19.30 - Talk with Michelangelo van Dam (in English)
20.15 - Questions
20.30 - Drinks and time for social talk :-)

Michelangelo is co-founder and CEO of in2it vof. He’s been working with PHP for over a decade and has become an expert on PHP, Zend Framework & quality assurance. He advises small and midsize businesses, enterprises and governmental institutes on how to improve their codebase. Besides consulting, he gives training courses on PHP, Zend Framework, unit testing and improving quality assurance on PHP projects.

Michelangelo is also heavily involved with the PHP community and co-founded PHPBenelux, the PHP user group for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Besides running this user group, he speaks regularly at PHP conferences around the world.

Michelangelo van Dam has been awarded as a Microsoft® Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 2/1/2018 - 7/1/2019.