Ode aan de Code #12 | Tim Huijzers - Immutability & Mathijs Rave - React

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Hi everyone,

Tonight we have something special for you @ de Internet Jongens!
First we have a talk from Mathijs Rave about React and after that you can listen to Tim Huijzers who will talk about immutability. Of course there's is enough time to have some drinks, enjoying the food, do some social talk and to take place in our playseat for the Ode Aan De Code Racing Cup :-) Let's meet and have some fun!

-------- Mathijs Rave --------
About 6 months ago React added native Typescript support to their CLI, so now you can be up and running in with Typescript about 30 seconds. But what's the point..? And where should you start..? In this relatively short session I'll show you the basics of Typescript in React and how it can help your React app development be more reliable and better scalable.

Mathijs Rave is a frontend developer at Arcady, where he spends most of his time working on React applications and trying to convince other people they should use React. Want to know more? I'll see you at the meetup!

---------Tim Huijzers--------
"Immutability easy, hard and impossible"

Immutability is something that can be very helpful in a lot of places and for a lot of people. But it can be very complicated if you want to. In this talk I will try to guide you through the different levels of immutability so you can hopefully better decide how to tackle this in your projects to come to make sure it is maintainable, extensible and just feels better to work with.

Tim Huijzers is a developer for more than 8 years now. Working at Drukwerkdeal.nl for more than 5 years. Members of Pay-it team and advocate for good architecture. Like to be called a Developer and not a Programmer! Also Founder of the User group DeventerPHP.

Next to developing for money Tim likes to develop for his other 2 hobbies, beer and board games. No wonder some of his talks are about 1 of the 2.

18.00 - Doors open with food
19.00 - Welcome by DIJ
19.05 - Talk with Mathijs Rave
20.05 - Short break
20.15 - Talk with Tim Huijzers (in English)
21.15 - Drinks, social talk and time to take place in our playseat for the Ode Aan De Code Racing Cup :-)

More info about Ode Aan De Code Racing Cup: