• /dev/haag meetup #34


    Because of Good Friday, we are moving the March meetup one week ahead. On Friday March 18th, we will be back in Nomadz (http://www.nomadz.nl) with the following speakers: • Matthijs Kamstra will introduce us to Haxe (http://haxe.org/), a programming language with which you can target a whole range of platforms. This will be a gentle introduction to the Haxe toolkit: what is it? What can you use it for? What problems does it solve? • Alex Bertram will tell us about ActivityInfo (http://about.activityinfo.org) and what it takes to run a Software-as-a-Service product with thousands of users around the world. It turns out that it takes a little more than setting up a box in the corner with a server on it... • Vincent Holleman will pitch the Impact Economy (http://www.impactcity.nl) program at the gemeente Den Haag. Get in touch if you want to sponsor the drinks and snacks. Hope to see you on the 18th! Maarten-Jan and the /dev/haag crew. P.S. this meetup has limited space so sign up quickly or add yourself to the waitlist.

  • /dev/haag meetup #33

    eBrella @ Caballero Fabriek

    A new year, a new meetup! This months' talks will be about planning: your next trip to the snow or the best way to get to any place in the Netherlands. • Maurice Mommen from wePowder (http://wepowder.nl/), the online platform which serves the Dutch freeriding (i.e. skiing and snowboarding) community. Maurice will walk us through some of the technological and business challenges of building and running the platform which is unique of its kind. If we're lucky, he will also bring free stickers! • Joost Cassee from GoAbout (https://www.goabout.com/), the travel planner which gets you to where you need to be. What does it take to build a travel planner? How to deal with competition from the almighty Google? Why do we need another planner if we already have 9292? Joost will blow us away with his introduction to their paradigm-shifting planning platform... if not, there will always be the opportunity to meet new people while enjoying drinks and snacks! • You here? We are still looking for interesting speakers, sponsors and location so get in touch if you'd like to help us out. Also for the next meetup which we have tentatively planned for March 25th. The meetup in January is supported by our main sponsor BeDataDriven (http://www.bedatadriven.com) and kindly hosted by eBrella (http://www.ebrella.nl) at the Caballero Fabriek in Den Haag. Hope to see you on the 29th! Maarten-Jan and the /dev/haag crew.

  • /dev/haag meetup #32: peace, wifi and floods

    Living Lab of Campus The Hague

    Another meetup with a diverse range of topics in the technological and digital space! • peaceinformaticslab.org (http://www.peaceinformaticslab.org): Can data be a driver for sustainable development, humanitarian response or even peace and justice? Within the Peace Informatics Lab (Centre for Innovation, Leiden University) we develop data-driven solutions for positive change. Thomas Baar will share some of the projects, we have been working on. • cwi.nl (http://www.cwi.nl): Hannes Mühleisen from the Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam will dive into his "research project" in which he grabbed open wifi signals from the Dutch trains to understand what people do when they stare at their phones in the trains. The ensuing publication in de Correspondent caused a big stir in (social) media. • floodtags.com (http://www.floodtags.com): can you analyze and understand emergency crises such as floods using tweets? Jurjen Wagemaker will enlighten us with the challenges and the opportunities of filtering and analyzing tweets.

  • /dev/haag meetup #31: at GetSocial

    Locatie zichtbaar voor leden

    This edition of Dev/Haag will be mainly focussed on the dynamics and difficulties behind community building and sustainable crowd collaboration. GetSocial.im (http://www.getSocial.im) (evenhost & sponsor) Founded in 2012, and with offices in The Hague and San Francisco, GetSocial offers a SaaS platform that enables developers to create, engage and grow the community within their app. At GetSocial we believe in the power of communities, and the social interactions between them. We value the users, and have developed ways to create meaningful relationships through relevant tools that can be easily adapted to any mobile app.GetSocial has been built to target three key areas of app development: • Increasing player engagement • Increasing organic growth and reducing effective cost of User Acquisition • Increasing revenues • For further details, please find attached product overview documents Mobbr (http://www.mobbr.com) Mobbr is a unique payment system that helps businesses to make the transition to much more effective way of working and organizing. With Mobbr it takes only one click to pay out 'social salary'. Real money, but distributed based on 'social' participation in business processes. To the crowd: groups of people that contribute to a task or collaboration. You can turn your website or intranet into a crowdsourcing business instantly. To be a crowdsourcing platform you need: crowdsourcing software (your website), crowd payment functionality (our tools), clients that are prepared to pay for your community's expertise and of course a crowd or community with a specific expertise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPxMpQv5Y1w More speakers T.B.A.

  • Let's meet up and ... talk about JavaScript

    NOTE: The doors will be open from 17:30, food will be available from 18:00, and we'll start the talks around 19:00! There's a lot happening in the JavaScript world right now (e.g. AngularJS 2.0, ECMAScript 6 plans etc.) and the language is becoming more important and exciting everyday. Let's look at what's going on, and maybe share some real-world case studies of interesting projects. Competa will provide the venue, food & drinks. How to find us (https://www.google.nl/maps/place/Competa+It+BV/@52.041802,4.335704,17z/data=!4m6!1m3!3m2!1s0x47c5b689440cb4ef:0x153f9d2a9e1f9e4!2sCompeta+It+BV!3m1!1s0x47c5b689440cb4ef:0x153f9d2a9e1f9e4?hl=en) Planned Talks: 1. Frontend JavaScript Tooling How do you keep your team’s development workflow smooth and efficient when working on large complex JavaScript projects? Nowadays there are a lot of Frontend tools that can help… maybe too many! Assessing and choosing the right tools to optimise your workflow can take a significant amount of time that could be better spent producing code. Raymon has already invested countless hours in researching and testing many of these tools, so he’s going to share his findings and recommendations with us. Raymon has been doing web development for 12 years (5 years fulltime). He is now a front-end developer for Competa where he works on projects for companies throughout NL and helps to train and mentor other developers. He is really passionate about Frontend Tooling, JavaScript performance, Sass & teaching/mentoring others. 2. The past, present and future of JavaScript Throughout the years JavaScript has developed from a convenient and handy scripting language to a full fledged enterprise programming language. During this talk we will have a look at the history of JavaScript as well as the current state and the future. We will look at the different frameworks and libraries that are currently in use and have a look at the differences and similarities. During the entire talk a small and interactive app will be created that can be used by the audience. This app showcases the realtime possibilities of the current web, using JavaScript. Bjørn Wikkeling learned to write code at a very young age, way before the days of the world wide web. During the early nineteen nineties he learned about the web and was instantly fascinated. Ever since that time he started coding websites and web apps. Nowadays he runs his own development company that develops products and services small to medium sized businesses. Besides that he also works as a freelance consultant for larger corporations in Europe.

  • /dev/haag meetup #29: at LUSTlab

    Locatie zichtbaar voor leden

    /dev/haag is a monthly meetup in The Hague that aims to bring together coders, hackers, artists, designers, UX specialists and other 'makers' from The Hague and beyond. Location: LUSTlab, Paviljoensgracht 20 (1st floor, above the ‘Vrije Academie’), The Hague Program: • 16:30 - walk-in • 17:00 - Gregor van Egdom (@krekr (https://twitter.com/krekr)) • 17:45 - short break • 18:00 - interactive talk LUSTlab, incl. new Kinect II (@LUSTlab (https://twitter.com/lustlab)) • 18:45 - "Taking pictures of very small things" – Alexander Zeh (@dmos (https://twitter.com/dmos)) • 19:30 - drinks! & experiments with movement tracking LUSTlab The multidisciplinary design practice LUST and the research-based art, design & technology laboratory LUSTlab are deeply interested in exploring new pathways for art and design on the cutting edge where new media, information technologies, architecture, urban systems, graphic and industrial design overlap. http://lustlab.net/ Gregor van Egdom Gregor is a self-proclaimed “creative technical problem solver”. He uses technology in a creative way, to solve all kinds of problems. "I really like to build stuff and share how I did it with the world." Gregor works freelance as an Industrial Designer and allround technologist. http://www.krekr.nl/ Alexander Zeh Alexander will be talking about the camera tech/design for the Skinvision app which is a mobie app to detect melanoma. More info here: http://www.dutchcowboys.nl/Technology/31693 (in dutch) Co-founder of Topika. Strategic design for awesome and effective brands, communication, products, experiences and services. http://www.topika.cc/

  • /dev/haag meets Appril


    During this years multi-city Appril event (http://www.appril.nl/events/devhaag-meets-appril/) /dev/haag will be hosting the last Appril meetup of the month featuring great speakers on business & technology and, as always, a friendly chat and some drinks afterwards. Speakers: • Elies Kouwenhoven: "Why sometimes everything goes wrong", on how you can learn from your and other people's failures • Rajen Kishna from Microsoft will be talking about how they brought windows 8.1 to both mobile and desktop and might tell us some more about the recently announced 'Siri competitor' Cortana. /dev/haag is a monthly meetup for designers and developers, or simply put makers. It’s open to anyone with a healthy interest in using, designing and making technology. Each meetup features two 20 minute talks after which we tend to have a few drinks and sometimes go out for a bite to eat with whoever makes it that far. Talks will be in english and drinks will be free. Official Appril event page: http://www.appril.nl/events/devhaag-meets-appril/

  • /dev/haag meetup #27: the digital publishing edition

    The March 2014 edition will be on e-books and digital publishing. Confirmed speakers are **NEWSFLASH** The first talk by Jeroen from Fosfor has unfortunately been CANCELLED. His presentation will be replaced by an extended introduction by your host! • Jeroen van Bergeijk: journalist and founder of http://www.uitgeverij-fosfor.nl/ Fosfor a digital-only publishing house with an innovative business model. They focus on (DRM-free!) ebooks and have recently published a number of longreads that can be read using their iPad app. Besides text, these longreads can contain extra's such as graphics, pictures, and videos. Jeroen will tells us about Fosfor and the digital publishing business. • Megan Hoogenboom (http://www.meganhoogenboom.nl/): graphic designer from Rotterdam with a focus on designing and creating ePub books. Today's graphic designer is usually trained to work with print and accustomed to using tools like InDesign. Because of the shift towards digital books and publications, the designer is faced with a new challenge. How do you design for ereaders, using standards such as HTML, CSS and EPUB? With today's ebook technology and standards, designers must build more skills like those of web designers and developers. I demonstrate these challenges using two projects that I have done in this area: translation of the poem 'Boem Paukeslag' by Paul van Ostaijen to an ebook in the EPUB format and the creation of a longer ebook for 'Creating 010' (download from http://creating010.com/ebook/ ). • Lightning talk (1): Willem Vermeer from Peecho, the sponsor of the food and drinks, will tells us a little about their product and services. There's room for one more 5-minute lightning talk. Tells us about you latest project or pitch an idea you want to share with like-minded people, but do not show us your holiday pictures or try to sell us your amazing vacuum cleaner! The food and drinks for edition edition are sponsored by Peecho (http://www.peecho.com). The location is provided by Nomadz (http://www.nomadz.nl).

  • /dev/haag meetup #26: the Bitcoin edition

    Because our non-geek friends expect us to at least understand how this thing works: a Bitcoin edition! 16.30 Doors open 17.00 Talk: Peek into the mind of a Bitcoin miner (Pascal Van Hecke) So bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network and protocol, but what does that actually mean? So let's do a bit of roleplaying as nodes on the bitcoin network to get to understand the basic terms: transactions, addresses, mining, the blockchain, confirmations, doublespending, the 51% attack... Break/drinks 18.00 Talk: The state of the Bitcoin (Bas de Lange) It all started with a whitepaper http://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf posted on the web in November 2008, just 5 years ago. Bas de Lange ( http://bitcoinobserver.com/ ) will paint us a picture of the massive developments since (also in the Netherlands): software and services used, altcoins, mining pools and dedicated hardware, and will talk about some exciting new developments: the bitcoin payment protocol, contracts on the blockchain, smart property. Lightning talks: • Talk 1: how to secure your Bitcoin with cold storage (no, not your regular fridge), Robert Reinder Nederhoed (http://www.meetup.com/devhaag/members/4216506/) As usual, we have lightning talks: (max 5 minutes/speaker - slides are optional). Given this is a bitcoin edition, it would be nice if we would have some people from the Bitcoin community present their project. Starting a mining pool? Building a Bitcoin ATM? Come and present an early version for our geeky audience! (contact @pascalvanhecke on Twitter if you want a spot) Networking/Drinks 19.30 Closing What to bring Come with some post-its, colored pen(cil)s, a Bitcoin wallet app (Multibit (https://multibit.org/) for desktop, Bitcoin Wallet for Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.schildbach.wallet) - or even Litecoin Wallet for Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.schildbach.wallet_ltc) - BlockChain for iPhone (https://blockchain.info/nl/wallet/iphone-app) - limited functionality). NO HAVE ANY BITCOIN? Send Bas an email (devhaag apekrul bitcoinference dot com) and he will send you a fraction of a bitcoin to play with. Sponsoring: For EUR 75 or 1/8th of a Bitcoin, you buy the attendees some beer and cookies - AND you can shamelessly plug your business during the event. Update: BitMyMoney (https://bitmymoney.com/) will be sponsoring drinks! Think this meetup was announced way too late? You are so totally right about that. The reason: current crew (http://www.meetup.com/devhaag/members/?op=leaders) is getting old and slow! (Work, and kids, and rheumatism...). So DIY (http://www.meetup.com/devhaag/pages/devhaag_DIY/) :-) and give us a shout. (http://www.meetup.com/devhaag/suggestion/)

  • /dev/haag design & technology meetup #25 (Silver!)

    Update: we will meet at our old trusted location Nomadz! /dev/haag is a monthly meetup in The Hague that aims to bring together coders, hackers, artists, designers, UX specialists and other 'makers' from The Hague and beyond (about (http://www.meetup.com/devhaag/about/)). Doors open 16h30, talks start 17, we wrap up around 19h30. This month's program: • "CitySDK", by Job Spierings, Waag Society, 17h Cities and municipalities publishing Open Data is a nice idea, but if every single municipality or other level of government publishes their data in their own format and at their own end point, building apps on top of that Open Data just takes too much time. CitySDK (http://dev.citysdk.waag.org/) brings together several open data sources (http://dev.citysdk.waag.org/data) and presents (http://dev.citysdk.waag.org/visualisation/) them in a uniform API (http://dev.citysdk.waag.org/api). You might already know it from this stunning visualisation of all buildings in the Netherlands (http://dev.citysdk.waag.org/buildings/). • Break: drinks sponsored by the nice people of Ebrella (http://www.ebrella.com/professionals/) • "Design for joy", by Marrije Schaake, Eend.nl, 18h The story of OnzeLootjes.nl: about having a side project... but with a group of people. • Lightning talks A few slots of 2-5 minutes, slides are optional. (Want to take a slot and show/tell smthg about a project or technology? Let us know (http://www.meetup.com/devhaag/suggestion/)!) • Drinks: sponsored by the nice people of Ebrella (http://www.ebrella.com/professionals/) Contact us (http://www.meetup.com/devhaag/suggestion/) or tell @devhaag (https://twitter.com/devhaag) if you want to sponsor drinks for EUR 75 at a next edition of /dev/haag. (Have a job opening? Buy developer karma by sponsoring :-) !) Colofon /Dev/Haag topics and speakers are handpicked for you by volunteers. This edition is curated by Charis (http://www.imakewebsites.nl/), Pascal (http://www.devhaag.nl/members/2378777/) and Tijs (http://tijs.org/). Want to curate you own /dev/haag? Contact us (http://www.meetup.com/devhaag/suggestion/) or ask @devhaag (https://twitter.com/devhaag).