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    Lid geworden op 4 mei 2011
    Mathematician with a special interest in snowboarding. Works at BeDataDriven B.V. which happens to sponsor the /dev/haag meetup in The Hague.
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    Lid geworden op 23 mrt. 2011
    Photographer with deviation towards tension. Laidback whiskey lover. In awe of mountains. Makes wonderful portraits. Combines craftsmanship with creativity.
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    Lid geworden op 2 feb. 2011
    Positive thinker, green-fingered solutionist and Co-Founder of http://vi.sions.tv
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    Lid geworden op 18 jan. 2011
    I am a freelance webdesigner and webdeveloper from The Hague. I love to design websites, and love to make clean and nice HTML/CSS. I do have a clear opinion about a good and user friendly website.
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    Lid geworden op 5 jan. 2011
    (Mostly web) Developer from The Hague