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The Dutch Cloud Meetup is a user group that focuses on Cloud Technologies. The group was founded in 2018 by an IT enthusiast who found the number of user group meetings in the Rotterdam area (South Holland) was too low. South Holland has a large number of IT enthusiasts who would like to attend a user group meeting. Initially, the user group focused on organizing meetings in the Rotterdam area.  But due to unforeseen events were are now more focusing on online events and 1 or 2 live events.
The basic principle of this group is to provide high-quality meetings that take place once every quarter. At these meetings, interaction is paramount and the meetings are largely composed by the own members. The meetings focus on the use of cloud platforms in which the following topics can be discussed:
• DevOps
• Azure DevOps
• Adoptie
• Azure
• Identity en Security
• Governance

For information or questions you can mail to: info@dutchcloudmeetup.online

If you would like to give a presentation, fill in our CFP: Dutch Cloud Meetup: Call for Speakers/Papers @ Sessionize.com

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Cloud Takeaway - June - Azure SQL DB managed instance... A different SQL Server?

The Dutch Cloud Meetup is organizing sessions for Cloud Takeaways. Cloud Takeaways is an event that is organized multiple times a year with great content on the Microsoft Cloud.
Each event will be one session by acknowledged speakers within the Microsoft community. For June we have one session:

Gonzalo Bissio
Data & AI Specialist @Microsoft
A truly passionate about SQL Server on all of its editions (that include express as well (?)). I’m speaker of the PASS Argentina chapter, father of Pedro, Fan of Club atletico Independiente from Argentina (Soccer or futbol fan 😛😛) and Rocky Balboa’s Soldier💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻. I have the following certifications -> Microsoft certified trainer, Azure Database administrator, Azure data engineer and Azure administrator but the most important one is that I LOVE AZURE SQL! On all of the versions :P

Azure SQL DB managed instance... A different SQL Server? On this session we will explore this new service. Migrations, backups, HA among other things that will help DBA’s to choose this option as a database platform.

The session can be followed live on:

An evening on Messaging

Heeft een locatie nodig

*** In-person event ***
This evening, we will be back for another Dutch Cloud MeetUp of this season! The theme for this evening will be messaging. We start with an introduction into messaging, followed by an in-depth session about eventual consistency. In other words: there will be a ton to learn this evening! And, as this is in person, there will be a welcome with food and drinks, provided by our sponsor BRINK Software.

18:00 - 18:45 : Dinner + Welcome
18:45 - 18:50 : Welcome
18:50 - 19:35 : 1st Session - Annejan Barelds: Introduction into Azure Messaging
19:45 - 20:30 : 2nd Session - Dennis van der Stelt: Dealing with eventual consistency

1st Session - Introduction into Azure Messaging
Our first session will be an introduction into messaging, details will be announced soon (tm).

2nd session - Dealing with eventual consistency
As software architects we want to make our systems more performant, maintainable, understandable, or any other thing-able. We use infrastructure like Azure Service Bus or Service Fabric. Maybe we’ll introduce patterns like CQRS and Event Sourcing. Many of these choices introduce eventual consistency, but users expect immediate consistency. They don’t want to wait for eventually. They expect feedback now. There are, however, ways to work around this.

So what exactly is eventual consistency and how can we make it work? In this session, we’ll have a look at different patterns, both in the user interface and the back end, that give our users immediate feedback even though the back-end system is not. We’ll discuss how to solve the complexity of dealing with eventual consistency, without sacrificing decomposability or performance.

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