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Tibetan Astrology: the interdependence of the elements in the fabric of reality.

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Tibetan Astrology: the interdependence of the elements in the fabric of reality.


In this public talk, we will be introduced to the marvellous world of Tibetan Astrology: the 8 individual aspects, the cycle of the 12 animals, the 5 elements, the 9 Mewas and how these play in our life, threading through positive and negative circumstances in interdependent links.

We will explore how this knowledge came to be within the ancient Bon shamanism first, and then in the Abidharma and in Tibetan Buddhism.

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For those who wish to attend, the public talk will be followed on Feb 24th to 26th by a course in Amsterdam to make your own Namkha according to the teaching of Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu: having calculated our natal chart, we will observe the interactions between the 5 elements, in our physical body, vital force, capacity and fortune, and how these play out in our life. We will then bind their potentiality fabricating a beautiful object of wood and laced cotton, to harmonise the conflictual relations between our birth and life elements, and influence directly, in a positive way, health, prosperity, and relations in our daily life. The course will end with a sacred ceremony to empower the Namkha on March 1st.

The public talk contribution fee will be deducted in this case from the course fee.
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Dzogchen Community in Amsterdam
Dzogchen Community in Amsterdam
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