Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

This group is for everyone who is interested in selling new technology. It's intended for inventors, technicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, basically anyone who wants to convert his inventions into products. We started this group because it's quite challenging to go from technical concepts to a salable product. Technicians know technicians and we need (people with) business skills to get our products of the ground.

We created this Meetup Group because we wanted to share some of our work and because we're interested in yours. We didn't expect Meetup.com to send out invitations so quickly, haha. We are currently setting up a company, so we are quite busy and the first Meetup will probably be in May or so. It's great that we already have >40 members! So please be patient... we'll contact you as soon as we've set a date and found a location.

The Meetup will probably include beers and pizzas :) And of course two or three short talks of about 30 minutes. One will be about our new product, The Kubiko, a device to scare birds using Artificial Intelligence and laser beams.

If you would like to sponsor our first Meetup, or if you would like to present some of your own ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us!

We hope to see you soon!