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Social team games, drinks and bites, locals and expats together. If you are an outgoing person looking for friends, challenges or just to try new things, then this is the right place for you. We welcome you in our group. Join us to play dodgeball, spend a diner or drink a beer with us, or just come up with and idea and ask our staff to organise it for you.

WhatsApp Group

If you are not a Meetup geek like I am, but still want to get all the updates, join our WhatsApp Group so you do not miss a thing. We hate spam, so the link is protected by a password: the capital city of The Netherlands.


Make sure you say hello if you join so we know who you are.

Disclaimer: if you want to approach the opposite sex, come to a meetup and ask their number. The organisers are happy to see relationships blooming from the soil of our community, but men without manners and not welcome and will be banned without warning.

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