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Wat we doen

CURRENT STATUS (April 2022): We're still very active now that we can boulder inside again! Every week we go bouldering and toproping multiple times, but we generally don't really use the MeetUp group right now. If you are looking for people to boulder with in Amsterdam (first time or experienced) or to toprope/lead climb with (belay experienced), please be invited to our Whatsapp group:

Link disabled due to spam bots. Please DM me (Davy) and I will share the group with you through an invite link!


Come climb with us!

Every week, there's plenty of people that go climb (Boulder or Toprope) on any given day! If you're looking for someone to climb with, to belay you or you just want to try out climbing, you are welcome to join us. Experience is not important, including beginners or first-timers.
If you know how to belay, you can join us top-roping. If you've never climbed before, feel free to join us for bouldering.
In Amsterdam we climb in plenty of locations:

• Het Lab (Boulderhall)
• Beest (Boulderhall)
• Beta (Boulderhall)
• Be Boulder (Boulderhall)
• Monk (Boulderhall)
• Club Monk (Boulderhall)

• Klimmuur Centraal (Toprope + small boulder)
• Klimhal Sloterdijk (Toprope + small boulder)
• Mountain Network (Toprope + small boulder)

Both expats and Dutch are welcome.
Hope to see you there!