Doorgaan naar de inhoud

Wat we doen

Hey open-minded Dutch people and easy-going Foreigners, no matter from what side you came, we are all Global Citizens and travel all around the world. At some point, we become guests and hosts.

Let's get together and exchange our cultural experience and come up with creative ideas on how we can cut the distance between two worlds!

Here at meet-ups, we have different activities where we meet offline or online. You just need to bring a great mood and open mind to have fun! Creative minds unite!!

How we collaborate:

It is not a secret that creating a community takes effort, time, and investment. We are happy to welcome and support a community of Global Citizens who value quality events, commitment, and are happy to meet like-minded global citizens from all around the world.

We receive a request from members to promote their fantastic events, we are glad to support our members of the international community, read how does it work:

1. Request for an introduction online call (15-30min). We’d love to know you, who you are, and the event you would like to organize!

2. Let’s exchange. You can offer a service/product in exchange for a promotion. For example, it can be the ticket to your event, photography service if you are a great photographer, etc. Think and tell us on an introduction call.

3. Preparation! We need your intro about the event, date, time, location (offline or online).

4. Event is live! We will promote your meetup in the group, and we expect you to be a responsible organizer who takes good care of the event and members, provides what is on the event description.

If you are up to doing something cool, let us know or message us if you have questions!