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Meet People interested in Dining Out in your area! Come to a local Dining Out Meetup to break bread with fellow foodies and gourmets. Discover new restaurants, enjoy delicious meals and make satisfying conversation with friendly dinner companions. It's a big dinner table and all are welcome!

8 simple rules to engage in this group ( sorry if they sound harsh but I am a German and as the world knows we are not know for our charm ;) )

1. You sign up you show up.

The more charming way would be : In case you sign up for a dinner it would be very appreciated if you show up. This is due to the fact that we made reservations in a restaurant for a specific number of people and it is no fun to say we are 3 when I reserved for 12. Also kills my diet when I have to eat for 4. I also know that sometimes it is not possible to show up, if you please could let the organizers know ahead so we can make arrangements.

2. You make someone cry I'll make you cry.

More Charming : Everyone is welcome, if you make a member of our group not feel welcome you are not welcome anymore. Also if you have the feeling that someone is pushing the envelope, please feel free to mention it to one of the organizers and we will address it..

3. You have an idea bring it on.

Again Charm : In case you have a brilliant idea that you want to run in this group. Well, feel free to bring it to the table. Yes we are a dinning out group but we are all open to new things and new ideas.

4. There is a reason why there are emails and a Website.

In an none German way: It would be kind to check in on the Website once every six month, otherwise I will assume you are either not interested, moved into a different country, you finally got that place on the space program or Aliens took you for a ride ( if so please tell me how it was). So after what will happen after six month I will sign you off out of this group but you will get a nice letter and you can sign up again in case you still be interested in the ideas of this group. There will be no hard feelings you are still welcome and it should be just a wake up call. The reason behind it is that I do not like to have dead bodies in the closet and we all do not need a group of 1500 members and only a couple are active and interested.

5. This is not a dating group.

Okay ...: At first this is still a nice way to meet new people and sit and talk and exchange in a relaxing and nice way. If you find love in this group I am more than just happy for you both. If you just want to date and want to find a quick hook up. I am not so sure that this is the right place or group for you.

6. We eat together we pay together.

In nicer words: We order always almost the same in regards to the price, yes someday you might drink wine and yes someday you might drink a beer or a soft drink. At the end if you come often enough it will even itself out. Also you really want to argue about 3 – 5 Euros ? We try to keep the price for the meals on a certain level but you might want to think per dinner between 40 – 50 Euros with drinks under normal circumstances. Just for the one who think oh yes finally a group where I can live in caviar and champagne while having company. I have to say yes to it but you will pay the difference J to the average. In order words we take the bill add a tip and divide it by the people on the table.

And something German to this: This is not open to discussion. This is not a democracy if you want to change something become an organizer J

7. Sometime you will need to pay upfront:

There are at least one or two events that we will ask you to pay upfront in regards to signing up for specific events. Those events are completely organized and need to be paid for before we arrive there and some specific arrangements have been done with the restaurant or place. One of those events is always the Christmas dinner.

8. You only eat ……

Let the organizer know about your special needs in case you can only eat some specific food so we can make the arrangements and talk to the restaurant.

9. Yes I know I said 8

Most important rule is to have fun. No topic during dinner is to strange and we discuss everything and I really mean everything.

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