Wat we doen

Honeypot launched in 2015 as a developer-focused job platform that connects devs with jobs they love. While this is still so much of who we are, we also believe in giving back to this community who gives so much of itself. This is why we create our Open Source documentaries such as GraphQL and Ember, and why we run events where you can observe and learn, interact or simply just hang out and chat. We’re looking forward to seeing you at one of our next meetups and on the platform getting your dream job.

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Honeypot Tech Talk: Ruby w/ WeTransfer & Fifth Postulate

WeWork Weesperstraat 61-105

GOTO Night: Fuse, Docker and OpenShiftS2I


AmsterdamPHP Monthly Meeting (hosted by Honeypot)

WeWork Weesperstraat 61-105