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Whether you're a veteran iOS programmer or you're just starting out, this group is for you. Plan is to hold regular Swift lang, Xcode, iOS and OSX development meetups. We do app showcases, tutorials, code-walkthroughs and tech-talks on these topics.

For beginners it really helps to network with others who are learning as well as with knowledgeable professionals. And for the experienced iOS developer, we're constantly learning — new versions of iOS, Apple frameworks that we never used before, third-party frameworks, etc.

Join us in Belgrade to link in with the local iOS dev scene and catch up on developments in the language and iOS / OSX.

Call for speakers: We're always looking for event speakers! Got something made in Swift or Xcode show to the group? Want to be a speaker or do a demonstration? Fill this short form: https://goo.gl/ZwOqD5

Terms of use: - Job Postings: Job postings are ONLY allowed if you contact organisers for approval ahead of time to validate legitimacy.You can NOT directly contact other list members about jobs unless they've contacted you first.

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iOS Developers Srbija Meetup #7

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After a long break (and an organisational change) we have a new meetup. This time we have two interesting talks from the folks at https://www.strv.com/, which have worked for some interesting clients, such as Boosted, Microsoft and Lufthansa. In collaboration with the CodingSerbia meetup, the event will be held in Novi Sad. ---------------------------------------------------- One app to rule them all - Jan Kaltoun At this year’s WWDC Apple introduced SwiftUI - the latest and greatest way of building app UIs. Can we use it to build an app that runs on all the supported platforms - one app that would rule them all? Let’s talk about it! This talk is about my experience with SwiftUI and building an app that runs on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS using one codebase. Jan is an iOS platform lead at STRV, currently based in Prague. He has been developing iOS apps since the first version of Swift came out back in 2014. Apart from leading a team of 40 iOS developers, his focus is on app development and Swift on backend. ---------------------------------------------------- Fail faster - Jakub Vodák Nine out of ten startups fail. Based on my experience of building over 30 mobile apps for silicon valley startups I can confirm that. Wrong expectations, poor prototyping or no after-release plan is only a tip of the iceberg. Let's review the development process to find some optimisations so you can fail faster and save some resources for your next attempt. Jakub works for STRV - a mobile app development shop working with top-tier startups from Y Combinator and 500 Startups, among others. Since 2013 he has worked on more than 30 mobile app projects in multiple roles as developer, team leader or product manager. *** If you RSVP here, then there is no need to do the same in the other group - https://www.meetup.com/Coding-Serbia/events/265526694/

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iOS Developers Srbija Meetup #6

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