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Policies for an undying world
As I understand it, people alive idea are already immortal from their own perspective, but they just don't know it. Even if I'm wrong, it seems likely a scientific breakthrough will make greatly extended lifespans possible and practical in the next few generations. The topic of focus on this event is: Once this becomes common knowledge, how will we as a society handle it?

Hackers & Founders Building

Herengracht 504 · Amsterdam

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    An increased understanding of physics, medical science and AI give those of us alive now a fighting chance at extending our lives, potentially forever. This is going to change our lives significantly, both personally and in terms of social policy. This group is about bringing together people who already accept the premise and want to prepare for the next steps.

    If, like me, you expect to live for hundreds of years or more, I would like to meet you. We can discuss strategies for making the most of the situation. Or at least talk about life and the far future from our common perspective.