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Our August event will explore Design with Purpose. We are interested in understanding how can service design be effective when designing solutions for pressing social challenges. Guest speakers are Reinout de Kraker (http://www.takecarebnb.com/our-team/reinout-de-kraker/) and Maja Grcic (http://www.takecarebnb.com/our-team/maja-grcic/) from takecarebnb (http://www.takecarebnb.com/), a platform that enables temporary stays for refugees with Dutch host families. Reinout is a service designer while Maja is a political scientist - they will therefore tell us the story of takecarebnb from these two very different, but complementary, perspectives. In the spirit of Engage, the guest speakers' contributions will be followed by a working session where we'll involve the audience in finding solutions for some of their most pressing challenges.

We are running this event in collaboration with the Startup Foundation, therefore we are expecting a diverse group of people attending with expertise in design, business and technology. The event is 5 euros, money will be used to buy drinks and food that will be provided during the event, and the necessary material for the workshop.

Please register through our eventbrite page (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/design-with-purpose-tickets-27171823656).

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