Doorgaan naar de inhoud

Wat we doen

This is a meetup group for people who are interested in meditation and tea ceremony. Everyone is welcome to join and experience peace, tranquility and quietude no matter what their experience is with either meditation, tea or both. We will have the opportunity to come together to share tea, silent space, mindful conversation or meaningful discussion after some cups or bowls of tea in silence.

Hope to share some tea with you all soon! Watch this video for a better impression of what we do:

For more information about the tea tradition and community visit:

Jasper works at a tea shop and social enterprise in Nijmegen. In case you wish to drink nice tea at home as well, you can have a look around at the website. For all the high quality pure teas we like to drink ourselves, have a look at the following two links (use the following 10% discount code at checkout: eindhoventeafriends):

We also have a local WhatsApp group in which we occasionally post info about spontaneous last-minute tea sessions, tea in the park, trips to the spring to fetch water for tea, or other such activities. If you're interested in joining, please send a us a message.