Wat we doen

In 2016 the B. Startup School Amsterdam – BSSA – opened its doors for 300 students as an answer to the growing demand for talent in the startup ecosystem. We noticed that there is a gap between the current education system and the industry. There are a ton of motivated and talented starters who just finished their bachelor’s or master’s degree. But the industry still considers them to be too inexperienced. With our programme, we aim to bridge this gap by providing graduates the necessary skills the industry is asking for.

Our programme consists of an intensive full-time course and a six-month traineeship. During the course, our students work closely together with the industry to gain essential skills such as programming, growth hacking, experience design or digital content creation. By working on real projects for real clients and with regular feedback, our students are adaptive and fast learners. We work together with some of the best education institutes from The United States, France, Sweden & The Netherlands to provide our students with the highest level of expertise.

The best part? B. Startup School Amsterdam is funded by government subsidy and an industry paid scholarship fund. If you fit the criteria, this will cover your tuition.

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