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As UX researchers, we help organizations become more user-centred and innovative. We love sharing our insights and solutions by discussing both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Follow our community to stay up to date with everything around UX research. For us, everything revolves around the user.

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Milkshake Research

At Milkshake Research, we’re celebrating our first birthday! It’s been a year full of data-driven insights and creative solutions. We’d love to share these with you. At our anniversary celebration, we’ll talk about creative ways to validate new propositions and we’ll tell you how to become more user-centered and innovative. Of course, we have very interesting guest speakers! SPEAKERS* Bo Merkus - Senior UX researcher @ Milkshake Research Max van Kaathoven - Co-Founder @ Braingineers Wiemer Viet - UX designer @ Picnic *All talks will be in English! TALKS How to create the perfect conditions for listening to your users (Bo Merkus) What are the best conditions to effectively validate your proposition throughout the product lifecycle? And how do you create them? Tune in for practical tips on how to best listen to your user. From your very first idea to launch. Measuring emotions that subconsciously influence your users (Max van Kaathoven) 95% of our purchase decisions are made subconsciously. So why focus on testing websites with tools that only measure the conscious user experience? Five years ago at Braingineers, we created a new way of measuring subconscious emotions that influence our decision making. We call it neuro usability testing. In my keynote, I’ll explain how it works. And let you peek inside the brains of our participants that come in daily. So you can experience the emotions they feel as they use the top 50 Dutch websites. How user research makes for a better milkman (Wiemer Viet) At Picnic, we believe in meeting end-users frequently to test new concepts with them. Because if the user isn't happy, you're not doing it right. So regardless of the different projects we work on, be it customer-focused or enterprise products, we always make sure to user test on a weekly basis. That’s quite a commitment. How did we set this up? And how does it help us grow into the best milkman on earth? Wiemer, UX Designer at Picnic, will spill all. AGENDA 17.30 - Door open, welcome drinks and lots of (vegan) food by Sababa 18.15 - Introduction by Milkshake Research 18.30 - Bo Merkus (Milkshake Research) 19.00 - Max van Kaathoven (Braingineers) 19.30 - Wiemer Viet (Picnic) 20.00 - Drinks and bites Stay tuned, and sign up to save yourself a spot and to receive updates! Want to know more about Milkshake Research? Check our website: www.milkshake-research.nl.