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Tango Lessons All Levels
Tango Lessons, Tips about Posture, walks, composition and more. find your elements and create your Dance. Find your strip in: http://tangomatterlessons.nl/ Tango Strips allows you to buy in advance 10 lessons saving money and time. Looking Forward Tangomatter Team

Chasse Studios

Chasséstraat 64 · Amsterdam

Wat we doen

This is a group for anyone interested in Argentinian Tango and its skills, Tango is a universal language here you can find your own words to speak and express with your body. Conducted by Argentinian couple Ezequiel Paludi and Geraldin Rojas, you can gain your abilities adding Tango dance to your life. easy to learn and enjoy take this challenge and bring your expectations to next level. Live Performance, workshops, boot camp, concerts international and local artist. find out Tangomatter.com.