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In this group, we meet to engage our dreams through meditation and discussion.

Did you know that some of the most influential people on the planet, including Albert Einstein, Billy Joel and Steve Jobs credit some of their greatest contributions in the world to their dreams? Paul McCartney received complete Beatles melodies in his sleep. Steven Spielberg’s inspirational (and often mythological) stories originate in his dreams.

It's no coincidence that some of our most creative and impactful heroes mention dreams and dream states as a part of their journey to success. Would you like to hack into the processes that changed the game for these geniuses? By joining this meetup, you'll learn how you can awaken your subconscious mind to turn on the programming of your highest potential. Learn how dreams (both sleeping dreams and daydreams) impact your creative edge and ability to contribute your gifts to the world.

We all have an inspired genius within. Please join us for this unique offering where you’ll learn engage your subconscious as an ally to your development.

Learn simple, everyday strategies to connect to your inner genius.

Understand how to identify subconscious blocks to your success and remove them.

Tune into your true, natural gifts and strengths.

Learn easy ways to raise your energy for success in meetings, presentations, and connections.

Identify how this inner alignment affects manifestation and success.

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Engage Your Dreams, Change Your Life

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Engage Your Dreams, Change Your Life