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Amsterdam User Group meeting 25 October

Deze Meetup is voorbij

14 personen zijn geweest

UTZ office near Central Station

De Ruyterkade 6 · Amsterdam

Hoe vind je ons

Ring the doorbell at UTZ when there is nobody standing at the entrance to let you in. After entrance enter door at the right.

Locatieafbeelding van evenementslocatie

Wat we doen

It is time again for a new Atlasssian User Group event @ the HQ of Rainforest Alliance (UTZ).

Amsterdam User Group @ Rainforest Alliance (formerly known as UTZ) kicks off on 25 October at 6 pm, and you're invited to take part in the event.

De Ruyterkade 6bg in Amsterdam (next to Central station) is our meeting spot to get knowledge of the latest Atlassian news and Networking event.

We will have customer stories as well as partners available to answer and discuss topics.
The following topics will be discussed:

* Triodos: A Social Intranet: How Triodos Bank implemented Confluence.
* Eficode: Root / Atlassian DevOps platform use case with a Large
Financial Institution related to Jira

There will be Atlassian as well as partners available to answer you Atlassian related questions.

It will also a great opportunity to exchange information with other Atlassian users and share your knowledge and/or problems.

Please RSVP as places are limited and we also have an idea of how much food we need :-).
RSVP can be done on the following https://aug.atlassian.com/events/details/atlassian-amsterdam-presents-amsterdam-user-group-meeting-25-october#/

We will have beer, food, and goodies, bring a guest.