• Conversion Hotel 2018 - 3 day Optimization Festival on the island of Texel
    Conversion Hotel (http://conversionhotel.com), one of the best online optimization conferences of 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014, will return on 16, 17 & 18 November 2018 to the lovely island of Texel in the Netherlands. Regular ticket sales for this 5th year anniversary started today! Again we will have 48 hours of great keynote speakers, in-depth unconference sessions, an awesome crowd and fun social events. See our video summaries from the past years here: http://conversionhotel.com/#videos. This year we booked 4 hotels besides the main Opduin hotel (both in "De Koog" at Texel and 500 meters apart from each other), so we have a total of 400 tickets on sale! ********************************************************************************* Buy your ticket and more info: http://conversionhotel.com ********************************************************************************* Performers announced so far at August 28th (7 out of 14): √ Michael Aagaard - Denmark / Canada (confirmation bias and wild life photography expert) √ Karl Gilis - Belgium (yes that loud laughing guy that attended every Conversion Hotel!) √ Chad Sanderson - USA (experimentation lead at Sephora, data statistics guru) √ The Waldorf & Statler of Digital Marketing - Justin Rondeau & Alex Birkett - USA √ Lisa Pierson - Canada (the conversion copywriter fighting against sucky onboarding) √ Aleksander Fabijan - Slovenia (Malmö University PhD who created the Experimentation Growth Model) √ Erin Weigel - USA (Principal designer at Booking.com) ********************************************************************************* Buy your ticket and more info: http://conversionhotel.com *********************************************************************************

    Nu aan de gang

    Grand Hotel Opduin

    Ruijslaan 22 · De Koog