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http://photos3.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/d/2/3/d/event_21413821.jpeg When I came to Amsterdam, I did not know what a pub crawl was. I was not even comfortable going to a pub (Coming from a small town in India; my mother still does not know that i drink, so everyone reading this now has to swear to secrecy)

But now i have to admit that the best of my friends I met in some pub in Amsterdam. I have met cokeheads, sweethearts, junkies, actors, teachers, students, businessmen, soldiers, doctors, psychics, and so many more.

This group is an attempt to have more and more people come together, share stories and DRINK!

We want to visit all kind of establishments which serve alcohol.

We do not get comfortable in a pub. We drink, we get to know the pub. We talk to people. We are ready to try.

And we move on from one pub to other.

This is a platform to bring people together. So, let us know where you want to go next!

Have a theme! Go for Belgian pub crawls, go for red light crawls, go for dutch crawls, go for canalside crawls, bike crawls, FUN CRAWLS!!!

And post your experiences and pictures, people are interested in your story!