Wat we doen

This group is open to anyone interested in learning about how you, an emerging entity, is built for transformation as a living possibility being able to live a life in absolute fulfilment.

We share teachings, meditations and programmes by Dhyan Vimal (https://www.dhyanvimal.com/) of Dhyan Vimal Institute for Higher Learning (https://www.dhyanvimalinstitute.com/). Dhyan Vimal is a modern day enlightened Master and scholar within the field of human transformation. He has dedicated the last 30 years to bring awareness to the inherent possibility of each human being to live a life in absolute fulfilment and participate in the world. This is referred to as enlightenment in the East; a truth that governs everyone irrespective of gender, race, belief or background.

You can find regular meditations and programmes in Rotterdam as well as in The Hague and Amsterdam.

Visit our free Masterclass (http://www.dhyanvimalinstitute.com/masterclass) library to explore many lectures by Dhyan Vimal.

Welcome to get in touch with us and join our meditations and programmes!

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DV Centre Netherlands

P.S. If you wish to know if there are similar meditations and programmes in your home country, check out the event calendar (https://www.dhyanvimalinstitute.com/event-calendar).