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We help you maximize progress & fun while minimizing injury.

We're a fun, motivating, inspiring community of nearly 200 runners (of all abilities!) in Amsterdam who train together for our first or next running goal. You've probably seen us running around town in our HoR shirts! In this Meetup group, we mostly post updates on what's on in our running community so you can get inspired and join us when the time is right. Here, you'll find various groups to suit your interests and level.

You'll be running with an international group who care about fun, friends, and being healthy but have no fear, we're not a group of super-fit uber-serious athletic running fanatics. You'll find a mixed bag of inspiring runners at all stages in our running journey. We've got complete beginners and multi-ultra marathoners too!

Check us out here: www.houseofrunning.com (http://houseofrunning.com/). You can also email us at community@houseofrunning.com or call us during business hours at 06 4113 4557. We may be out running but will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fees are often required for training and events but we also post free stuff. Please note, participants usually register on our website and not in this meetup group. Oh yeah, let's get this party started!