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Full body workout in Nature

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De Genneper Hoeve

Tongelreeppad 1 · Eindhoven

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We start in front De Genneper Hoeve and run from there

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Wat we doen

A primitive movement program with a back-to-nature approach that includes a set of exercises like climbing, throwing and running on outdoor unpredictable terrain.

The movements are playful, functional and tough and are especially made to help you have a real interaction with nature, that you have to adapt and adjust your movements to your immediate environment.

A session includes movement skills, like running, balancing, jumping and natural movements skills, like practical and instinctual.

Everyone can join and train with us, you don't have to be a superhero just be prepared to become one and explore your body's full range of motion and agility.

Looking forward to meet you and gain the skills, strength and conditioning essential to adapt and perform in any circumstance.

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